Modern Dance Division

The biggest obstacle in the development of ballet and modern dance in our country is the lack of education and educators. Despite putting on the stage beautiful and very original pieces both in modern dance and classical ballet whose history is over 60 years only unfortunately very few educators have been trained especially in modern dance.

To overcome this problem academic support is needed undoubtedly. Modern Dance Division within the body of our Conservatory is considering both the education of dance trainers and education of dance very important. Our division has the first graduates who received their education from the professsional modern dancers for the first time in our country. Our aim is to train individuals who have gained all the scientific and artistic qualifications required in the field.

Our graduates can work mainly within the institutions where they received their education, as well as in the dance schools or at the institutions that they would establish. They can continue their education in this field to become academicians. hey can create original works and a work field for themselves.



Modern Dance Division Courses